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Set up a Subdomain / Custom Domain for your Quiz

On Fyrebox, when you create a quiz, the url for the landing page of your quiz is located at https://www.fyrebox.com/play/your_quiz_address.

If you are subscribed to the Pro Team plan, you can, however, choose a subdomain for your quiz to be accessed at:


The  fquiz.co domain has been chosen to be more anonymous than fyrebox.com.

How to Choose a Subdomain

To choose a subdomain, just visit your Account > Subdomain and enter a valid subdomain (lowercase, no special characters ). Your quizzes will be available instantly on your chosen subdomain. The link for each quiz will then available on the “Share” page of your quiz. Upon saving your subdomain, you will be able to connect your own domain using the “mapping domain” field.

How to Connect a Domain

Step 1: Select a domain

In the field “Mapping domain”, enter your domain with your preferred subdomain (e.g. quiz.mysite.com). Do not usewww.mysite.com or mysite.com or your website will show the quiz instead of your website

Step 2: Creating a CNAME record in your DNS Zone File, matching the subdomain

As of now, you should have a subdomain ending in fquiz.co and a mapping domain ending in mysite.com. Let’s assume you have chosen mycompany.fquiz.co as a subdomain and quiz.mysite.com as your custom domain.

  • Login to your Domain Control Panel.
  • Go to the section which says DNS or Name Servers.
  • Create a new CNAME record with name/host/alias as quiz.mysite.com pointing to value mycompany.fquiz.co.
  • TTL: Enter a Time To Live between 30 minutes to 1 hour, or leave this field in its default settings.
  • Save changes to your DNS records.

If you have any issues setting up a custom domain, raise a support request and tell us what domain registrar you use for your domain. We will then be able to send you specific instructions.


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