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Slack Integration – How to Connect Your Quiz to a Slack Channel

If you use Slack as your messaging system, you can use the Fyrebox – Slack Integration to receive a report on a slack channel every time  your quiz is played.

What you get by connecting your Quiz to Slack

When you install the fyrebox app on Slack, two sets of tools are added to your slack channel.

Player’s notification

Every time your quiz is played and a player left his/her contact information, a message is sent to the slack channel that you selected when you installed the fyrebox app. The message will contain the contact information of the player and his/her answers. Here is an example below:

Command /quiz

Upon installing the fyrebox app,  the /quiz command will be available to display a preview of your quiz on the Slack channel you selected. The format of the command is:

\n/quiz [quiz slug]

You can find the quiz slug on the Publish page of your quiz.
Here is an example below of how Slack will interpret the /quiz command:

How to Connect your Quiz to a Slack Channel

To connect your quiz to a slack channel, first flip the switch “Your Notifications” and click on the “Add to Slack” button:

The next screen will be the authorisation screen where you can select the channel to send the player’s profile to. Select the channel and click on “Authorise”.

Upon authorising fyrebox, you will be redirected to the edit page of your quiz where the slack channel will be displayed in the notifications section.


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