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Installing a Quiz on your Concrete5 Website. How to Use our Plugin

If you use Concrete5 as your CMS, you can now install your fyrebox quiz easily on your website with our plugin (link coming soon).

1. Installing the Fyrebox Concrete5 Plugin

As the fyrebox plugin is free, the easiest way to install it is to click on the “Add Block” at the bottom of the side menu (see image below)

Add more blocks fyrebox concrete5

In the search bar, just enter “Fyrebox” as shown below:

search bar concrete 5


When fyrebox shows up on the list of plugins, click on the download button

download plugin

Upon downloading the plugin, just visit the “Extend Concrete5” on the settings sidebar as shown below:

extend concrete 5


To finish the installation of the fyrebox plugin, just click on the Install Button:

install plugin


2. Entering your API Key

Upon installation of the plugin, the last step is to enter your fyrebox API key in the plugin settings. Visit the account page on the Fyrebox website and copy the API key as shown in the screenshot below


Copy the API key on the settings of the fyrebox plugin on your concrete5 website.

concrete 5 api key


2. Adding a Fyrebox Quiz Block

After entering your api key in the settings, you can now drag a block from the blocks menu. (see screenshot below)

fyrebox block concrete5

Upon dragging a fyrebox quiz block onto your website, a dropdown menu will show all of your quizzes

select quiz fyrebox concrete5


Select you preferred quiz and click “Add”. Your quiz will then be displayed at the location where you dropped the fyrebox quiz block.

quiz display

If you haven’t heard of Concrete5: Concrete5 features in-context editing (the ability to edit website content directly on the page, rather than in an administrative interface or using web editor software). Editable areas are defined in concrete5 templates which allow editors to insert blocks of content. These can contain simple content (text and images) or have more complex functionality, for example image slideshows, comments systems, lists of files, and maps. Other addons can be installed from the concrete5 Marketplace to extend the range of blocks available for insertion. Websites running concrete5 can be connected to the concrete5 website, allowing automatic upgrading of the core software and of any addons downloaded or purchased from the Marketplace.



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