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How to Connect your Fyrebox Quiz to Hubspot

If you use Hubspot for your online Sales and Marketing needs, you can now connect your quiz to any form. Sending the contact information of the players directly to a form makes it easy to quickstart your sales cycle. Indeed, any form submission will be considered a lead.

Follow the instructions below to connect your quiz to a form:

1. Allow Fyrebox to access your Hubspot forms

Visit your Fyrebox account page scroll down to the Integrations sections:

hubspot integration

Enter your portal Id and click on the plug icon. This will redirect you to the authorization page:


If you click on “Allow”, you will be redirected back to your account page showing a connected plug on the Hubspot integrations line.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 11.11.54 AM

2. Connect your quiz to a form

When your Hubspot account is connected, it is time to visit the edit page of your quiz and select your list. In the Integrations section, look for the Hubspot logo and click on Yes. After a few seconds, you will see a list of all the forms you created on Hubspot:


Select the forms you want the players to be sent to and you are good to go! Read on to select the information you wish to send to the form

3. Fine tune the Data sent by your quiz to your Form

Your Fyrebox quiz is able to send the following information to Hubspot:

  • The email of the player (email)
  • The first name of the player (firstname)
  • The last name of the player (last name)
  • phone number of the player (phone)
  • The address of the player (address)
  • The 1st custom field you can define (field1)
  • The 2nd customfield you can define (field2)
  • The score of the player (score)
  • The outcome of the quiz (outcome)
  • The time it took the player to complete the quiz (timetocomp)

However, for the quiz to send the data to Hubspot, the corresponding field needs to be present (or created) on the form.

Let's take the example of the field “time to completion” (timetocomp). First, on your Hubspot dashboard, click on Contacts >> Contact Settings


Click on “Create Property” and enter “Time to Completion” in the label. By default, the internal will be set to “time_to_completion”. You need to change it to “timetocomp” as it is the internal name for your quiz.


When you click on “Save Property”, you will then have access to the “Time to Completion” on any Hubspot form. You just have to drag it the form you wish to send data to.


Just add all the other properties the same way, making sure the internal name on Hubspot matches the name between brackets in the list above.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

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