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How to Connect your Quiz to any SharpSpring list

If you use SharpSpring as your marketing automation platform, you can now send the leads collected by your Fyrebox quiz instantly to any list(s). Connecting both accounts is as easy as flipping a few switches. In order to get started, you need:

  • A Fyrebox account (Pro Plan)
  • A quiz generating leads
  • SharpSpring Account

Step 1: Copying your API key to authorize Fyrebox to access your SharpSpring lists

The first step is to visit the account page on your  SharpSpring dashboard and find  your API key and account ID as shown below:

  1. Click on settings on the bottom left of your dashboard screen

account settings sharpspring fyrebox


2. Scroll down to reach the section “Sharspring API” and click on “API Settings”

Copy the fields Account ID and Secret Key 

Step 2: Testing the connection

On your fyrebox account page, enter the Sharspring Secret Key in the “API Key” field and the Account ID in the “Sharspring Account ID” field. Then just click on the test button. If the credentials are correct, a tick mark will be displayed (see below)

Sharpspring - copy api key


Step 3: Selecting one or more lists

On the edit page of your quiz, in the integrations section, flip the switch below the Sharpring icon and select one or more lists

sharpspring lists

From then on, all the leads collected by your quiz will be sent directly to the list(s) you selected.

If you have never heard of it: SharpSpring is a global provider of marketing automation solutions that enable businesses to drive more leads, convert leads to sales, and optimize return on marketing investment. Its affordable pricing and intuitive platform have made it one of the fastest growing providers of marketing automation. Learn more at SharpSpring.com.

  • Pricing model that’s 1/10th the cost of competing solutions
  • Month-to- month pricing and no long-term contract
  • Open API to sync with your current marketing stack
  • Rebrandable interface so you can reinforce your brand with your clients
  • 100% free, unlimited support

To get in touch, send an email to [email protected] or use any of the social media channel below:

SharpSpring – Why Marketing Automation from SharpSpring on Vimeo.

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