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How to Connect your Quiz to Active Campaign

If you use Active Campaign as your email marketing provider, you can now send the leads collected on your Fyrebox quiz instantly to any list(s). Connecting both accounts is as easy as entering a few fields and flip a switch. In order to get started, you need:

Step 1: Authorising Fyrebox to Access your Active Campaign account

The first step is to visit your account page and to enter both fields “API key” and “Account Name”:

Activecampaign Account

1.1 Finding your API key on your Active Campaign Account

Admin” Group users can visit the “Your Settings” > “API” tab:

Active Campaign settings

Active Campaign Api key

Non-“Admin” Group users can simply visit the “Your Settings” section:

active campaign account name

1.2 Finding your account name

Your account name is the login name you use when you login on ActiveCampaign. It can be found on the url address of your dashboard in the form of ACCOUNTNAME.activehosted.com.

If you have forgotten it, you can retrieve it at http://www.activecampaign.com/login/lookup.php.


1.3. Testing the connection

Click on the test button and wait a few seconds for the result. You should get a check mark displayed next to the button (like the one shown below). If you get an X, please verify the information and try again. Or contact us if you need any help.

active campaign test passed

You are now ready to connect your quiz to an Active Campaign list.

Step 2: Connecting your quiz to any list(s)

Visit the edit page of your quiz and you should get a switch to fetch all your lists on Active Campaign. Flip it to yes and within a few seconds, you should get a list of all your lists.  It is shown below:


The last thing you have to do is to select one or more lists and your quiz will send the leads automatically to Active Campaign!




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