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Create Your First Quiz with Fyrebox

Upon signing up, you will land on your dashboard. There, you can select a quiz based on the goals you are trying to achieve. Here is the description for each quiz:

Yes-No : Create a Yes-No Quiz if you need to ask questions that can only be answered by Yes/No. You can also define killer questions (questions that will end the quiz if answered incorrectly).

Scenario : Create a Scenario Quiz if the questions displayed depend on the players’ answers and if you need more than 2 possibles outcomes. For more information, read the article “The Scenario Quiz

MCQ-M : Create a Multiple Choice Quiz – Multiple Correct Answer if you need more than 1 correct answer per question. You can also specify the points that each answer is worth to the user.

MCQ-S :  Create a Multiple Choice Quiz – Single Correct Answer if the questions you ask your audience can only have one correct answer. You can also define a passmark.

Word Search: Create a Word Search Puzzle if you want to hide words inside a word puzzle. You can enter up to 100 words and up to 8 characters per word.

Hangman Game: Create a Hangman Game if you want to hide a sentence in hangman game. Each player has up to 10 trials to find the hidden sentence. Each incorrect answer will build up a hangman.

Mostly A:  Create a Mostly As if you need the quiz to count the number of A, B, C, and D Answers, and display the answer that was mostly answered.

Open Ended: “Create an open ended questions quiz if your questions don’t have any set answers. It allows the players to answer anything.

You can define rules for most these quizzes. Read the article Create a rule-based Quiz


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